From On The Fly Entertainment and creator/director Thomas Blake Jr., the guys behind Los Angeles’ longest running show Point Break Live and Terminator Too: Judgment Play (the first theater show to ever perform at a major United States music festival: Bonnoroo 2014) comes their most ambitious and interactive live production to date. Tom Gun LIVE: A Maverick’s Homage.

It’s Tom Cruise’s birthday party, and to celebrate he has invited (you) his fans to come witness him, live on stage, reprising his iconic role as Maverick in the jet-piloting classic Top Gun. But, not to be biased, he also wants to give the attendees a taste of his other most remembered characters/scenes. It’s his way of saying thanks for the years of support. All he asks, is that you come to the party dressed as your favorie character he has portrayed. Only, Tom is coming in on a flight and it’s running late. He’s certain he is going to make it, but in the meantime he needs the fans to help and fill in for him until he arrives.

This go-round we are amping up the interaction to “The Danger Zone.” Instead of one person chosen from the audience to play the lead role there will be six Tom Cruise fanatics chosen from the crowd with a chance to show some well deserved respect to this legend of the screen. The audience not only gets to pick who will be Maverick, the star of the show, but also the additional Tom Cruise scenes/characters from his career that they want to see performed live on this particular performance. And since Tom is not there, other party members will need to fill in for Tom in the audience’s chosen scenes. It’s a musical chairs, choose your own adventure of Tom Cruise’s career… we told you it was ambitious!

That’s only the beginning! With multple karaoke sing-a-longs, dance offs, audience fueled paper airplane battles, missiles ziplining through the crowd, and of course flying liquids, just to scratch the surface, Tom Gun LIVE is guaranteed to be the most interactive show you will ever see!

The show stars your favorite cast members of Point Break Live and Terminator Too: Judgment Play. This high-octane ensamble can be seen starring in such films and TV shows as, Stranger Things, Hunger Games, Magnificent Seven, Baskets, Drunk History, Adult Swim, MacGyver, Nashville, Turn, Richard Cormin’s Death Race 2050, Outcast, Quarry, NCIS just to name a few. In other words, they probably will not be around for long due to their careers taking off so come catch them while you can!